The Queen Bee Herself, Wendy.
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Welcome To Queenbeach Treasures.

Queenbeach Treasures designs custom, handmade, ocean-
inspired jewelry. This jewelry consists of sea glass, shells,
coral, precious stones and more.
We offer many premade
pieces but will also happily design to your liking!

After spending nearly thirty years owning a daycare, Wendy
decided to start thinking about the next chapter in her life.
Her obsession with the ocean led her to take classes in
metalsmithing and designing jewelry. She is quite passionate
about it and all things ocean led her to pursue it professionally.

Growing up in Lantana, Florida, Wendy fell in love with the
ocean at a young age. She has spent her free days fishing,
snorkeling, combing the beaches in search of sea treasures,
as well as enjoying it's beauty.

With today’s busy and chaotic pace, there are still a few things
that our human hands can do better than machines. Each piece
of jewelry here is unique and handcrafted. There's still no
substitute for the human touch!

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